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We are extremely lucky to have a wonderful team of people working together to make Seoidín what it is. We pride ourselves on our welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable staff and in building up relationships with our lovely community.

Maureen, Seoidin Jewellery

Maureen | Seoidín's Founder

Born from a passion for unique jewellery design, coupled with a love for the unmatchable beauty of the Irish landscape, our founder Maureen Harrison, takes her inspiration from her surroundings when creating her one of a kind jewellery collections. When it comes to staffing her Seoidín stores, she has a knack for recognising potential and for mentoring and championing her team's development. 

Seoidin Jewellery, O'Connell Street, Ennis

Margaret in Seoidín, Ennis

Margaret | Seoidín, Ennis

Having worked with us at Seoidín since 1999, Margaret is part of the very fabric of the brand. She knows our jewellery inside and out and has a real talent for finding the right piece for the right person, every time. She is dedicated and passionate, not only about our jewellery, but about building lasting relationships with many of our customers, who return from far and wide, time and time again, for her expertise.

O'Connell Street, Ennis

Andrea | Seoidín, Ennis

Seoidin Eile Jewellery, Abbey Street, Ennis 

Verena, Seoidín Eile, Ennis

Verena | Seoidín Eile, Ennis


Fiona, Seoidín Eile, Ennis

Fiona | Seoidín Eile, Ennis


Seoidin Jewellery, Skerries, Co.Dublin

Eimile, Seoidín, Skerries

Eimile | Seoidín, Skerries


Jackie, Seoidín, Skerries

Jackie | Seoidín, Skerries



Seoidin Jewellery, Thomas Street, Limerick 

Seoidin Jewellery, Thomas Street, Limerick

Seoidín, Limerick


Seoidin Jewellery, Thomas Street, Limerick


Seoidin Jewellery